An Interview with Our Content Team: Trends, Tips and Thoughts About Writing for the Web

Allison Gagliardi

January 14, 2016

What is one top content trend for 2016?

“Storytelling is a big trend for 2016.  Break away from dry, cliche, uninspired content and tell a unique story to engage readers.  Images and infographics can help bolster your message. ” 

Sally - 50

– Sally


“In 2016, content can only be great if it includes a visual medium.”

allison - 50– Allison


“In 2016 content should  focus on your clients’ needs – address your clients’ challenges and how your firm can work to solve them.”

Pam - 50– Pam



“For 2016, the trend is mobility. Make sure your content is in a mobile-friendly format.”

57– Adrienne



What is an inexpensive way to update your content?

“Create an editorial calendar and assign articles to attorneys and paralegals with subject matter knowledge.  This will help keep content production on track while spreading the load across numerous people, avoiding the need to hire outside writers.”

Sally - 50– Sally



“If you want to update your content for cheap, hire an editor to find and fix inconsistencies in your web content.”

allison - 50– Allison



“Adding a blog or article section focusing on timely issues that clients want to read about can be an inexpensive way to update your content and drive readers to your website.”

Pam - 50– Pam



“You can update your content cheaply by refreshing an older blog with more pertinent information related to events of the day.”

57– Adrienne



What tools do you use for writing and/or planning content strategies?

“Gather Content is a great tool for collecting, organizing and tracking a client’s website content while the new site is under development.”

Sally - 50

– Sally



“I couldn’t function in my professional life without Pocket. It allows me to save and tag interesting articles to read later. The articles are usually critical in developing a new content idea or strategy.”

allison - 50– Allison



“A strong SWOT analysis from a client goes a long way in helping me to write content that is tailored to the client’s target audience/market.”

Pam - 50– Pam



“I keep it simple — Google is my best friend!”

57– Adrienne



What is one way clients can be more prepared to work with a web writer?

“Communicate your needs, goals and timeline to the writer.  If you can provide examples of web copy that you admire or would like to emulate, that can help communicate the tone and style you desire to achieve.”

– Sally Sally - 50



“When working with any kind of writer it is most helpful to be prepared for the interview. If you come ready to chat and provide helpful answers the copy will, naturally, be stronger.”

– Allison allison - 50



“One of the best ways to be prepared to work with your writer is to really think about what your objectives are for each page before the client interview.  In doing so you will be able to better work with your writer to create content that accomplishes your goals.”

Pam - 50 – Pam



“Clients can be more prepared by having a firm grasp of exactly what they are looking for with respect to content, making sure to keep their target audience in mind.”

57– Adrienne



What makes for great content?

“Always write for your audience.  Consider your target markets and draft content that addresses each market.  If you craft articles that are useful, informative and engaging, your readers will return often to learn more.”

Sally - 50

– Sally



“When writing for the web, great content needs to be the three C’s: clear, concise, consistent.”

allison - 50 – Allison



“Great content focuses on the needs of your readers – consider what your readers are looking for when they visit your site and tailor your content to address these needs.”

Pam - 50– Pam



“Great content is easy to read and understand, and it should also be engaging.

57– Adrienne



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