‘Tis the Season…to Keep the Blogs Flowing

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Now that the holidays are upon us, we know that it can be quite tempting to let various things “fall off the radar” for a while (and no, we’re not judging you if you’re letting that diet go so you can eat all the cake and pie you want before the new year). But if you are interested in keeping your internet marketing campaign alive and well during these festive days, it’s important for you to continue your blogging efforts – even when you think no one’s going to miss a blog or two over the next few weeks.PS Website Photo

So, how do you keep the blogs flowing, even when you’re just about out of gas from all the holiday hustle and bustle?

Plan Ahead

Depending on the type of business or practice you have, it may be possible to plan blogs weeks in advance of the holiday season. For example, for law firms that focus on personal injury, topics are plentiful, as the holidays are often filled with parties and other festivities that involve lots of food, merriment…and drinking. A personal injury firm could easily schedule blogs that are related to general holiday safety and warning of DUI-related issues ahead of the holidays. Let’s face it: There will likely be more than a few folks out there who will find themselves in the back of a police car due to DUI this season, so they will need to have a great deal of useful information at their fingertips should the worst occur.

Believe It or Not, You May Get More Readers During the Holidays…or at Least a Few More Clicks

Families are gathering and after a few days of hearing the same ole stories from Uncle Charlie, some people may be in search of other things to check out online. Some individuals actually find themselves with more time to read and catch up on those books and articles that were set aside all throughout the year. That said, bloggers may want to use the holiday season to put out something a little larger than the typical blog – maybe even an e-book or two (okay, two may be a lofty thought, but you get the idea).

Having a few thoughtful posts go up on your site during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve may catch many more eyes than normal; so whatever you do, make it count. Be sure to write something that will not only catch (and hold) a potential client’s attention, but also ensure that what you write is accurate and easy to follow. After all, these are the holidays and no one wants to have to deconstruct and analyze what you’re trying to say during what is supposed to be a joyous, fun time!

When in Doubt, Check the Numbers

If you’ve been blogging for a while and have questions as to whether or not your blog will be read during the holidays, take a moment to check out the analytics from last year (or the last few years for that matter).

Also, if you’re into writing long, elaborate posts on a routine basis, you may find it helpful to post something a bit shorter during the holidays – you know that the time people will have to read will be precious (and very limited). Keep your blog short, helpful and to the point and that should do the trick to keep your blog campaign alive and kicking well into the new year!

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