New Link Building: Take Your Web Presence to the Next Level

In order to stay competitive, it is important to engage in building a better web presence for your firm. This means improving your relevancy and authority for your website (and sometimes usability). Our internet marketing plans are also about forming a partnership to grow your business. By following our guidelines and investing in new content, links and upgrades, you can succeed long-term.

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Maintaining quality links to your site are an important part of your web presence.

Search Ranking Overview

The signals that Google uses to determine search rankings are still based largely on the relevancy of your content and authority of your back links. There are other signals such as social, engagement, domain, and page-level metrics. But overall, our goals are to make your site relevant through quality, in-depth content and to help you become an authority through quality back links.


Relevancy is all about your content. You need to produce articles about your practice areas. Moreover, you need to write more than the standard 500 words per page. Instead, you need to be producing in-depth articles that are the resource for a topic area. You want to write articles that people want to share, because they are so interesting and informative.

In short, you need to be writing 1,000 to 2,000+ words per page and answering every possible question about a topic area. Become the default expert in an area by writing long-form content.


In this day and age, we need to create in-depth link profiles from a variety of sources in order to get your site on the first page of search results.

As of this year, we made the choice to produce fewer links per month for our clients. However, the links that we do produce will be of much higher quality. After all, gaining a single prominent link can equate to more power than hundreds of low-quality links.

At minimum, we are doing all of the following for our clients and, if you are attempting this on your own, it is important that you do the same:

  1. Local citations (local business directories – great for map rankings);
  2. Developing testimonials from clients;
  3. Developing partnerships and link opportunities with your vendors;
  4. Developing reviews on review websites;
  5. Video and social media postings and client relations;
  6. Guest article and blogging opportunities;
  7. Real world opportunities (sponsoring events, seminars, scholarships);
  8. Removing toxic backlinks currently leading to your website;
  9. Analyzing competitor websites and finding link opportunities;
  10. Direct link building based on quality websites (including some paid directories).

We no longer build simple links, we build an overall authority.

Our Partnership

It is important to remember that internet marketing is a partnership. Our clients who regularly meet with us and act on our ideas rank higher. While working with us is an 80% hands-off solution, our clients must occasionally assist on certain projects.

If you believe that we might be able to help you grow your web presence, feel free to contact us today.

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