Law Firm Branding: Maximize Your Competitive Edge

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PaperStreet’s most recent free-access webinar featured a topic often overlooked by law firms and attorneys: Branding. Typically, the legal industry is focused on being competitive in areas such as pricing or law firm size. We noticed in general, however, that there is a lack of attention on truly connecting with a law firm’s target audience. At the end of the day, that can make or break achieving higher levels of success.

Because many clients attend our webinars, our branding advice was not tailored to aid only one specific firm, but rather to benefit all law firms. We designed the “Law Firm Branding: Maximize Your Competitive Edge” webinar to give attendees tools to evaluate whether their firm’s branding needs improvement, and if so, specifically what needs work.

The “Law Firm Branding: Maximize Your Competitive Edge” webinar covers :

  • Branding and Its Importance
  • Brand Distinctions
    • One Key Fact
    • Differentiating Factors
    • Branding Pitfalls
    • Why Choose You
  • Effective Brand Communication
    • Factors To Consider
    • Brand Communication Vehicles
    • Model Examples
    • Brand Consistency
  • Brand Relevancy

We believe in engaging content and maximizing clients’ value, so early in the presentation we invited attendees to take on the “PaperStreet Branding Webinar Challenge”! The results provided eye-opening insight and direction for our clients’ next marketing moves. Our message is clear: Effective branding is critically important to generating new business for your practice both offline and online.

If you couldn’t attend the webinar or want to hear it again, it’s not too late to tune into our recorded presentation. Click here to access the PaperStreet Law Firm Branding Webinar and let us know your results with the branding challenge!

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