How We Generated 145 Leads for a Law Firm Using PPC and SEO

An SEO and PPC Law Firm Case Study

We allocated a budget of $8,500 and produced 145 leads for a law firm using a combination of traditional lawyer SEO (search engine optimization) and paid advertising (PPC) to generate new business for the firm.

What would you do with 145 potential clients?  What would you pay to get new business?

We have been working with a prominent plaintiff law firm to increase their leads on a monthly basis.  In January 2015 we nailed down the process and got the results we were looking for, producing 145 leads from phone calls and contact forms.  We also produced 22 event interactions for another download campaign.  Overall, we would consider this a success as the budget was $8,500 total, which means the total cost per lead is a mere $58.

The firm also set-up advertising that was offsite with legal directories, newspapers, and other print ads.  The print advertising brought in another 90 leads for a total of 235 per month.  Yes, it was a successful month!

Check out how we secured our January conversions from a mix of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and print advertisements.


Search Engine Optimization Results

The client ranks high for their primary keyword phrases.  More importantly, they rank high for a lot of long-tail keyword phrases.  These niche phrases are not searched for a lot each, but in aggregate they make up lots of organic traffic.  We produced 90 leads from organic results, 20 from contact forms and 70 from phone calls. 

  • Method: We secured these leads through blogging, editing core content on the site, and focusing on conversions / calls to actions on each page of content.  Of course, it helps that the firm ranks high too, but that is based on their quality content and back link structure.
  • SEO Budget: The SEO budget for organic on a monthly basis is $3,000 for writing, editing, link building, analysis, consulting, and any on-page changes needed.
  • Cost per Lead: This puts the lead amount down to just $33 per lead which is a really low rate in an ultra-competitive field.

Pay-Per-Click Results

We have also setup a Google AdWords campaign and remarketing campaign for the client. In January, we saw 8 leads from contact forms, and 47 leads from phone calls. 

Call tracking allows us to capture crucial data. The campaign may actually look like a failure if we couldn’t see the leads from phone calls.

  • Method – We use Google AdWords for this campaign and have very specific Ad Groups setup.  We have an international campaign, national campaign, and local campaign.  We have Ad Groups per keyword group, with unique ads that land on targeted pages.  We also use remarketing to constantly remind clients to return to the website.
  • Budget – The client spent approximately $5,500 on advertisements in January.  Our internal management cost was $500, so the total budget was $6,000.
  • Cost Per Lead –  We secured a total of 55 conversions, which this pushed the cost per lead down to just $100. Again, this is fairly competitive given the bid costs for the PPC campaign on a per click basis.

All Calls

Other Advertising Results

The client spends money on other advertising campaigns, which generated another 90 leads from various sources, including:

  • Directories (Findlaw, LawInfo, Martindale, Avvo): 21
  • Mobile Calls: 18
  • Direct Traffic: 17
  • Business Cards: 13 (yes, they track calls from business cards via a unique number)
  • Yahoo/Bing PPC: 9
  • Print and Newspaper Ads: 5
  • Websites Ads: 5
  • Social Media: 2

Unfortunately, we do not have all the specifics on these specific ad spends, but most likely it would be another few thousand dollars in ad spend to generate those 90 leads.  At that cost we can estimate the total cost per lead to be approximately $30 to $50 per lead (depending on the ad costs and spending).

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