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KTBS Law LLP prides itself on the quality, responsiveness, and creativity of its attorneys, and has an outstanding record of delivering exceptional and cost-effective business solutions. From the most senior attorney to the most junior, KTBS lawyers are nationally recognized, for their talent, the results they achieve for their clients, and the manner in which they achieve those results, often under the most challenging of circumstances. Capitalizing on their depth of experience and creative approach to dealing with legal and business challenges, KTBS attorneys quickly assess even the most complicated situations, identify options, make recommendations, and immediately implement the course of action selected by their clients.


November 19, 2020

Practice Area(s)

Debtor Representations, Creditor and Committee Representations, Bankruptcy-Related Acquisitions / Investments, Bankruptcy Litigation, Insolvency-Related Commercial Litigation, Out of Court Representations, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trustee & Examiner Representations, Expert Witness Engagements and Mediations

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