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Understanding the Purpose of Blogs in Your SEO Campaign

We understand that law firms and business owners seek a substantial return on investment relative to the amount of marketing dollars spent, and you want (and expect) the best from your PaperStreet team. That is why we utilize a number of marketing tactics, including blogging.

So, just what is a blog and what purpose does it serve?

A blog is a quick and effective way to get readers (and ultimately potential clients) interested in learning more about how you can help them resolve their particular situations. Blogs are meant to provide a reader with a general overview of a situation (in approximately 500 words), and they typically focus on local area topics that “everyone’s talking about” in the real world, as well as evergreen topics that will apply regardless of what time of year it is.

Keep it Light…Don’t Get Too Deep

Blogs are not written to provide a deep, white paper-like education on a particular subject. Rather, they are used to “start the conversation” between the reader (your potential client) and your office. Oftentimes, readers who find that they relate to a situation demonstrated in a blog will be eager to call and seek help for their legal predicament.

Save the Legalese for Your Colleagues

Blogs are best written in simple, non-legalese terms that an average reader can appreciate and understand. Contrary to what many people think, including too much “law” in a blog can turn off the average reader and cause him or her to quickly move away from your site. That is why we like to provide a general brief synopsis of the law and how it may apply to the reader’s own situation.

Simply put, blogs are meant to be quick, matter-of-fact, easy reads for potential clients who may have some sort of connection to the topic at hand. That connection is what will get that individual to contact your office for additional information. If the reader is spending too much time trying to decipher the legalese of a white paper/essay or struggling to understand what you’re attempting to say, he or she will likely leave the site, never to return.

Short and sweet blogs…let them work for you and your firm. If you’d like to find out more about how PaperStreet can help you with your blogging, contact our office today.

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