Law Firm Web Design Inspiration: Best Law Firm Websites of 2018


At PaperStreet, we love making incredible websites. This year, we’ve created countless sites for our clients, making the internet a more user-friendly, accessible and beautifully designed space. In 2017 alone, we’ve received a fair share of accolades, including W3 Silver, Gold MarCom, Gold dotCOMM and Gold Hermes awards.

In light of this successful year, we’ve put together a list of our best law firm websites. Take a look at the cream of the crop.

[UPDATE]:  Unlike some agencies who are writing articles about “best law firm website design” these websites are all 100% PaperStreet designs.  Our team is proud of our work and can showcase this many great designs.  We have been featured in about 5+ different articles that other agencies are citing as the best work online.  Unfortunately, they don’t mention that we were the design team.  Thanks!

West Coast Trial Lawyers 

With its cool blue color scheme and expanding menu bar, this is one of the easiest sites to navigate. The prominent client reviews also go a long way to establishing the firm as a trusted authority.

Bick Law LLP

A perfect balance of playfulness and professionalism dominate this environmental law firm’s internet presence. The striking colors and contrast make for an eye-catching website you won’t want to leave.

YLaw Group 

Custom phrasing and creative, yet personal images are part of what makes this one of the best law firm websites. And with the firm’s achievements and accolades prominently displayed on the home page, there is no doubting this legal team’s success.

Forman Watkins 

This website’s focus and unique perspective create an experience that drives users to the services they need. The minimalistic design goes to show that, in some cases, less really is more.

The Gumprecht Law Firm

This website captures viewers’ attention from the start, thanks to the slightly obscured photos and bold font. We’re especially drawn to the yellow text, which highlights the firm’s many accolades.

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Lash & Goldberg LLP

The modest yet colorful design of this site offers users a clean interface that can be easily explored. We love how the site seamlessly guides users from one section to the next, presenting information in an easy-to-digest format.

Kleinberg Lerner

The diagonally split screen – a hallmark of this site’s design – does an excellent job of calling attention to what matters: the enlarged headers and subtitles that convey the firm’s achievements. Additionally, we love how this website skips frills in order to focus on the issues most relevant to the firm – and their clients.

Jordan Lewis P.A.

The simple design of this website draws users’ eyes directly to the succinct headers and images that position this firm as an innovator and in the legal sphere. We find the muted color scheme accurately conveys the firm’s desire to make the legal process as simple as possible for clients.

Jackowiak Law Offices

For a practical design that gets the intended message across, this firm’s website does an excellent job. The site uses easy-to-understand icons and bold colors to convey its strong message that “Losing is Not an Option”.

Oles Morrison Rinker Baker LLP  

The blue overlay on this website serves as an efficient and effective way to create a distinguished effect. We appreciate the clear and direct style that pinpoints the firm’s strengths.

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Marks Gray

Although many assume that full-size images are the way to go, this website proves that a customized size and layout can be just as noteworthy. The beautiful background images highlight key points, while the rotating accolades bar illuminates the firm’s impressive array of awards.

Miller Egan Molter & Nelson LLP

This website takes a unique approach, making use of white space to captivate the user’s attention. The focus here is all about bold headers and to-the-point descriptions. With succinct, powerful language, the firm positions itself as a high-level provider of legal guidance.

Prodoc Kytel

The red accents on this website create a purposeful and driven effect that helps establish the firm as a leader in the field and the user to hone in on key points. We love how the bold, crimson hue pops on the screen – a tactic employed throughout the site.

Johnson Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns LLP

For this website, it’s all about making a statement. The custom photography and content is a colorful, vivid reminder of the firm’s innovative approach to law – and one of the reasons we consider this one of our best law firm websites.

Lyons Dougherty 

Thoughtful sophistication is the overarching theme here, creating an aesthetically pleasing and reassuring tone for users. We especially love the menu’s ease of use and the way each diagonal overlay matches the image in the background.

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Brais Law Firm

When it comes to creating a website with a strong voice and a clear message, this site does just that. There is nothing better than getting the point across in a way that is simple and easy for potential clients to understand.

Hinkle Law Firm 

This website does an excellent job of using simplicity to its advantage. With bold, contrasting colors and a professional font, the firm strengthens its image as an established legal group with a history of exceptional results.

Robbins Litigation and Regulatory Law

This firm chose a creative approach to its online presence. With custom sketches and an emphasis on what sets them apart, the firm takes a focused path to demonstrate exactly what makes it stand out from the competition.


A modern approach can be just what you need, depending on your clientele. On this site, text overlays create a fun, engaging and relatable atmosphere, encouraging potential clients to get involved.

Ruzicka, Wallace & Coughlin, LLP

This website features stunning photography that complements direct messaging on rotating headers. The firm maintains its professional yet approachable tone throughout, highlighting a commitment to providing individualized attention to each case.

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Frequently Asked  Questions about Best Law Firm Website Design?

  1. What makes for a great law firm website?
    The keys to a great website are 1. Photography. You need a great photo.  2. Messaging.  You need to have a clear, concise message.  3. Layout.  You need a clean, uncluttered layout.  4. Detail. You need to include information about your firm and how it helps your client (not just how great you are).
  2. How long does the typical process take to create these websites?
    Anywhere from 60 days to six months.  Yes, that is a big range.  But it entirely depends on the law firm.  Some clients give us same-day feedback or next-day feedback on our
  3. What is the typical cost for these websites?
    It varies, but some of our custom designs start at $9,500 and go to over $50,000. Most fall in the $9,500 to $25,000 range though.  The price depends on the amount of pages needing to be designed, branding, logo, messaging, content, photography, videos, animations, and of course the actual development.  Most of the designs listed above are in the 100 to 200-hour range from start to finish. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss what we can do for your law firm.
  4. What features do you include in your websites?
    A lot.   A full list can be found here. But we do the following: A True Custom Site, Unlimited Design, Unlimited Pages, SEO, Ownership of Copyright, Contact, Survey & Inquiry Forms, Photos, Same-Day Edits, Web Hosting, Blog Included
    Logo Included, Content Writing Available, and Great Process & Checklist.  We also create dynamic menus, news flashes, CSS styles, printer-friendly pages, vCards, calendars, W3C compliancy, search reports, social media widgets, blog integration and more.

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