Finding Photos for Your Essentials Website

So, you signed up for an Essentials project with PaperStreet and are now looking for images to use on your new site. All Essentials sites include 5 images from the Essentials library on If you need more than 5 images, or if you would like to purchase images from the Signature library, please check with us for pricing.

Selecting images is fun, but it can be time consuming. Below, I’ll list the instructions on how to make this process as quick and painless as possible. But before you start, please make sure you have already selected the layout you will use for your new site. Take a look at our layouts.

When you select your layout first, it gives you the advantage of knowing where the images you will be selecting will be placed.

Very important: For example, if you select our Impressive Design layout, you know you will need images for main home page image area and for the practice area boxes. The same goes for other layouts such as the Attorney Focus theme. The main difference is that if you will be featuring an attorney photo for the main home page area on this theme, you will need to provide that image to us and will need to make your own arrangements with a preferred photographer.

Selecting the images:

Step 1

Go to the iStock home page.

Step 2

View the guide:

  1. Type the keyword / subject of the type of image you are looking for
  2. Select Essentials to display results from within the Essentials library only
  3. On the license type, select “Creative”
  4. For the orientation, select “Horizontal”
  5. Click on the image you like to see more information

Step 3

On the image detail page, you can click to enlarge the image.

Step 4

If you like the image and would like to use it on your site, copy the image’s address and paste it on a text document or email.

Step 5

Repeat the process for all the images you would like to use on the site.

Once you are done, your list should look somewhat like this:


Step 6

Copy and paste this list on your project brief or email it to us.

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