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Podcast Episode: Top Considerations for Attorney Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the next episode of LEXclusive, PaperStreet’s podcast, we outline what law firms need to consider when they create or modify their digital marketing campaigns.

Podcast Episode: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Attorneys Make with Their Marketing Campaigns

Take a listen to LEXclusive, PaperStreet’s very own podcast. In this episode we outline the 3 biggest mistakes we see attorneys make with their law firm marketing campaign. Don’t have a Spotify account? We’re also available on Amazon, Google, Anchor…

Chelsea portraitThe Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasts

It’s no secret that podcasts are extremely popular.  Name a subject and you’re sure to hear “there’s a podcast for that!” While podcasts are great for easy listening, there’s also no denying that a podcast has real power as a…

How to Brainstorm Topics for Your Podcast

Podcasts are an excellent tool for building your online marketing presence and growing your law firm or company. The catch is that a poorly produced program could lead an attorney or a business owner to feel as though the podcast…

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