NOTICE TO CLIENTS: New Google Update Has the Potiental to Impact Your Mobile Rankings

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Google Update to Change Mobile Rankings in April

On April 21, 2015 Google is making an update to their algorithm that calculates mobile rankings. Websites that condense to a mobile version will be treated with greater relevancy in search results than sites that are not mobile-friendly. If your website does not condense into a mobile version your mobile rankings could, and likely will, suffer.

Responsive web design (websites that condense to fit different resolutions: mobile, tablet, is only a few years old. We understand it is likely your website was built when responsive design was not a concern or a priority. However, this update makes mobile-friendly design very important and we cannot stress the importance of addressing this situation immediately if you do not have a mobile design.

Internet marketing, like most other industries, changes with new trends and inventions. As your SEO provider it is our job to notify you of developments that can negatively impact your campaign and provide the resources to resolve them. We hope that you will welcome the opportunity to make your site better and maintain your mobile rankings.

Our team is standing by to discuss your options and find a solution that works for your firm. We are treating this update, dubbed “Mobilegeddon” with the greatest priority. We urge you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to begin drafting a plan to defeat the April 21st update.

Next Steps

If you are a client of PaperStreet we have reached out to you directly if your rankings are at high risk. Most PaperStreet clients have received a notice of the update with information for next steps.

If you have questions about the status of your website, or want to learn more about your options for organizing a mobile design, please contact

NOTICE TO CLIENTS: New Google Update Has the Potential to Impact Your Mobile Rankings. This important information is displayed with "" at the bottom, inside a white circle on a red background.desktop)

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