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Over the years, we have had various competitors call up under fake identities trying to get pricing info. I really want to bust on one competitor though, LawFirmSites . com.

Two weeks ago, one of their sales people just wasted their time and ours by trying to get our “super-secret double-probation” pricing information. LawFirmSites . com emailed several times and called once using the fake name “Robert Walter”. If I have ever heard of a fake name, that is one of them. Luckily, we have caller ID and track IP addresses of all incoming sales inquiries, so we were able to give him bogus information about our company and pricing.

Typically fake inquiries like these can be spotted instantly. They always ask for pricing information upfront without any introductions. They always use a free email account from Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL. They cannot provide a legitimate lawyer web site that they use now. They don’t know what practice areas they practice in, or they mix up crazy practice areas (criminal law firm practicing in estate planning too). They never want you to call them and finally they seemingly cannot be found in any, Google, or FindLaw search as a practicing lawyer.

In the LawFirmSites . com inquiry, a quick check indicated there was no Mr. Walters in all of Utah. He wanted us to compare and quote out how much it would take to build two identical sites done by . . . . LawFirmSites . com. He used a GMail account and wanted only email contact. In fact, he was so adamant about email contact, that when asked to call us, he lied and said he had already tried to call us three times, even though our caller ID had no records of any calls from his area code. Since the caller ID came from a small town in Utah called American Fork, I knew something was amiss. We have received about one inquiry in the past five years from any law firm in Utah. I was just a bit surprised at Mr. Walter’s aggressiveness at needing our services.

After calling “Mr. Walters” back using the web site phone number, and asking how much they charge for web sites, he was finally busted.

If you are still reading and want the proof, here it is!
Note, If you do an IP trace for you will see it is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Eventually, I will upload a screenshot of my caller ID.


I’ve called three times. I just want a low to high price for solo practitioner(I realize this depends on what I want).
On 4/28/06, Peter Boyd – PaperStreet wrote:



Hello Robert.



Thanks for contacting us. Give me a ring at your leisure.


I can answer any questions via the phone.


Peter T. Boyd, Esq.
President & General Guru
PaperStreet Web Design


Sent: Friday, April 28, 2006 12:44 PM
Subject: Web Site Contact Form

Name: Robert Walter
Firm Name: Robert P. Walter, PC
Phone: 888-555-5555
Budget: I Will Tell You Later
Firm Size: 2-10 People
Found: Search Engine – Yahoo
Question: I am a solo practitioner just starting my own firm. I would like a website something like this one http://randallturner . us/ or http://aronsonlight . com/ I am just trying to get a feel for what I need to make my budget for my website and how long it would take to get a finished site. please do not call submit your proposal in an email. Robert P. Walter, Esq. Attorney at Law P.S. do you have a contract I can look over?

BROWSER: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20050915 Firefox/1.0.7




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