Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over SEO/SEM?

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Over the last several years, there have been numerous advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Examples include Hanson Robotics’ Sophia — a self-aware, learning robot being created for customer service-focused interactions — and Google’s RankBrain, which helps the search engine to process and learn from millions of unknown search queries every day. Automation, in general, has seen significant growth in the last decade, with millions of human jobs lost due to the advancement of machines and computing. Given this, it is easy to pose the question, “When will computers take over for human SEO?”

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Although artificial intelligence will pave the way for many amazing feats in the next decade, there will always be a need for a human team to market your law firm.

A Survey: Will Human SEO Become Obsolete?

The Search Engine Journal recently asked professionals in the SEO industry when they believe that artificial intelligence (AI) may take over the role of SEO from humans. In the survey, 55 percent of professionals felt that the day would come within the next 10 years. Only 28 percent of survey respondents felt that AI would never take over SEO from humans. While artificial intelligence can certainly be applied to many industries, the ever growing evolution of search engine optimization and marketing has been in a large part due to the different search engines’ battle against automation and artificial website growth.

Each year, many tools and services that some SEO companies use to automate their processes are nullified by Google algorithm updates. These updates come in many types and names, focusing on areas such as link building, content, technical website makeup, and others. The algorithms are designed to weed out companies and individuals who bend or break the rules to boost their websites in the search results. So, the search engine’s ultimate goal is to provide natural, organic listings that meet the criteria of those using search. If artificial intelligence were being applied to expedite and automate the process of optimizing and marketing a website, it is likely that this would also be targeted by search engines as well.

Digital Marketing, a Human Experience

If anything, artificial intelligence in the field of search has made it even more important to have a good, human SEO team. Given that Google algorithms have constantly targeted these automated services, the old formula for SEO has been lost to the ages. This is why internet marketing companies using old and outdated techniques no longer see the results that they had back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and in some cases, actually do harm to their clients’ websites.

Now, some of the strongest and most worthwhile advancements for your website come from human interaction; building business connections within your community, cooperating with reporters in news articles, writing quality unique content, and structuring your website with user experience in mind. Artificial intelligence may make some of these areas easier to do, but removing the human experience when interacting with other humans may present more challenges and less effective outcomes.

The Need for a Human SEO Team for Your Law Firm

Although artificial intelligence will pave the way for many amazing feats in the next decade, there will always be a need for a human team to market your law firm. With experienced search engine optimization and marketing specialists and their knowledge of different legal fields, writers providing unique content for your practice areas, and a human experience that is not automated; you will always have a website that Google loves, and one that is designed and managed with your business in mind.

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