Top 2 SEO Mistakes – Relying and Relaxing

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Today’s article is going to be short. It’s an important topic, but brevity is best so that you can easily read and digest the information.

Mistake #1 – Relying Solely on SEO for Your Business

Do not just rely on SEO to power your business. High rankings are great.  High rankings will bring in inquiries and clients. But if you don’t rank high, then SEO is like a desert. Leads will stop.  

If you have high rankings, that is not the time to relax. Instead, expand your marketing channels. If you ever stop ranking, you will lose some inquiries, but not all. 

Create other marketing channels. For example, you can start limited PPC campaigns, begin social networking, and you can network in person. You can also advertise in print, sponsor or participate in organizations, set up a referral network, try paid lead generation, create newsletters, and more. 

The key is to get those channels refined in advance so that they produce results. Have at least two set up to produce leads. Ideally, have more and get them all running. That way, if SEO goes away, you don’t lose all business. 

Mistake #2 – Relaxing Because You Rank High 

As a business owner, it is sometimes easy to get caught in the mindset that you currently rank high, so you will consistently rank high. Don’t let this happen. 

Again, rankings can shift.  You could be #1 one day, but then #11 the next day if a set algorithm comes out that suddenly puts a competitor’s sites above yours.

Continually improve the site. Always write, gain links, and make your usability better. 

You probably have competitors who are improving their websites and SEO marketing programs every week. They are building more links and writing long-form guides. 

Eventually, they will outrank you based on content, citations, and backlinks. Gaining backlinks takes months, and once your competition has more, they will outrank you for a while. Likewise, writing 5,000-word ultimate guides takes time to create and get noticed by your audience.

Our recommendation: Always improve your site.

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