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At PaperStreet, our team definitely maintains a “work hard, play hard” mindset. When we’re not designing award-winning websites or managing top ranking marketing campaigns, we take the time to enjoy our loved ones, great food, and being outdoors. View our list of favorite activities below for some inspiration for your summer vacation.

Pete — Our CEO
In the summer, we love going to the mountains or other locations to cool off. This year is the fjords of Norway. My summer parenting tip is when your children say they are bored, give them chores. They tend to not be bored with this approach.

Nancy — Client Relations Manager
Since I’m a little girl, my family has always planted a vegetable garden when the warmer weather arrives. I’ve continued the tradition with my husband and daughter, and we enjoy taking care of the plants. We eat outside during the summer, and we make a feast of burgers, grilled veggies and s’mores for dessert. 

Allison — Content Director

I have no children in school so the summertime isn’t much different than the rest of the year for my family. In Florida the weather is the hottest during these months and in the afternoons we often get thunderstorms. I love the afternoon rain showers, especially when the sun is still shining but it’s raining. It always changes the mood in the house and makes me smile. 

Alex — Vice President and Internet Marketing Director

Most summers, we always plan on one “big” trip. We are not flying internationally this year, yet living in the Northeast allows us so many options to visit other nearby States. Although nothing has been officially booked as I write this, Shenandoah National Park is currently at the top of the list. When not traveling to the mountains for hiking and cooler weather, we spend most summer weekends surfing at our closest local beach.

Autumn — Content Manager

Being in Colorado, we look forward to the summer all year long. To me summer is the best time in the state so while we do travel to beaches, family, etc., we also like to stay close to home. We enjoy the amazing mountain activities the state has to offer – hiking, camping, picnicking, horseback, lakes, biking, exploring adorable mountain towns, etc. Our kiddos love swimming and we spend countless summer days swimming, bbqing, and just enjoying mother nature. We are passionate about travel – but try to save big trips for when it is a little less packed. 

Caleb — SEO Associate

The best part of summer is staying up later and being on any type of bike. I like to take my mountain bike and ride the trails until later in the evening, and then go get some food with friends. In general I love to be outside, and am always looking for some cliff jumping, rope swings, or new places to explore. Summer is the best time to go out on some adventures, and make some great memories.  

Kat — PPC Associate

We love doing Legoland and Disney during the summer – though we visit these places year-round. When we’re not heading to Orlando, we love sticking to old town Saint Augustine and taking boat tours. One of the best things about summer though, is visiting my parents who live right down the road from us. They have a lovely house, and the kids absolutely love the pool. It’s like a mini vacation when we visit – it’s usually a weekly occurrence and we spend all day there. Family time is big with us.  

David — SEO Manager

Since we live in Colorado, the summer is a great time for outdoor activities with camping and hiking being on the top of our list. We have a new addition to the family, so this summer we will be figuring out how to navigate those new challenges with our infant. We plan on taking her to the zoo, aquarium and small water parks. As far as cooking, summer makes me want to always have a BBQ and prepare a lot of seasonal ingredients. They grow amazing peaches and corn here and the farmer’s markets are always fun to visit as well.

Lakeita — SEO Content Associate

I enjoy fitting in quick road trip travel adventures during the summer.  I don’t have a favorite summer activity; however, it is just the perfect time to be outside and spend time with family or friends.  My favorite part about cooking during the summer is all the great fresh fruits and veggie food options in the season to enjoy.  

Clinton — Link Building Manager

Growing up by the ocean, I have always loved seafood. Summertime is the best for cooking up a light but filling meal with some freshly caught fish. One of my favorite summer dishes to cook is fish tacos. They’re delicious and much easier to make than you may think. My super simple recipe starts with 1/3 lb of catfish (any white fish will do). Season to your tastes, I prefer to smother mine in Old Bay. Cook it in a pan over medium heat for about 3 minutes on each side until flaky and break it into pieces. For fillings, all you need is a bag of coleslaw mix and some shredded cheese. If you like some sauce on your taco, I find a mixture of mayo and sriracha with a hint of lime juice to compliment the fish beautifully. I hope you try it out!

Jen — Designer  

I’ve always loved the summer for a chance to visit the Jersey Shore! It’s been a tradition in my family since I could remember. Between the boardwalk with games and great food, to the beach itself with fun waves to body surf or sand to lay in, I always look forward to returning. The sun, the sand, and the fun never gets old!

Elyssa — Creative Director

Mountain air, nature hikes, and our lifelong memories have been made in Vail, Colorado for many summers now. Our family has had the tradition of going most years, and I’m ecstatic to say we are visiting in August. This trip, we’ll finally be able to show my kids what our family has been raving about. At 7 and 4, my children are old enough to enjoy the activities we love like white water rafting and nature trails. Living in and only knowing South Florida, I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they get to take in the Rocky Mountain views. 

Kyle — Technical Director
We look forward to summers in Michigan. Most people try to spend time on the lakes across the state and go up north. Along with the lakes and going up north, I personally enjoy summers here because that is when our softball and sand volleyball seasons are. It is just nice to be outside as much as possible. 

Liz — Bookkeeper

During the summer, I like to go to the pool with my husband, children and grandchildren.  Atlanta can be very hot in the summer and the pool is a great way to cool off.  The perfect day would be a day at the pool, everyone coming to my home for a BBQ, and having one or both of my grandchildren sleep over.    

Stephanie — Designer

During the summer, I try to plan our traditional “mom and son trip”. This trip is definitely something we look forward to annually, and it’s our time to bond and experience a new destination together. This year, we are headed to Atlanta for exciting tours around the city, the aquarium and lots of great food. 

Drew — Digital Advertising Manager

At the beginning of summer, I like to take a Disney trip before it gets too hot. At home, I enjoy having the extra time to play some video games or relax in the pool. Summer is also a great time to fire up a few burgers or have a nice pasta salad.

Adrienne — Monthly Content Manager

Every summer, I always take a trip that involves a beach, good food and a nearby casino. I’m not one to actually get in the water during these trips, but I love to hear the waves crashing — makes for good daytime napping.

Breanna — SEO Associate

My favorite summer travel destination is LA. I go almost every year and it never gets old for me. My favorite summer activity would be long walks at the beautiful parks in Ohio with my dog. During the summer I love to cook burgers! 

Rob — Junior Web Developer

I enjoy the extra amount of cookouts our family has during the summer! While it can get incredibly hot in South Florida, it’s still wonderful as we get to see everyone. Trip-wise we like to take a road trip to Orlando for some exploring and shopping!

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