Now Offering “Editing On Demand” For Your Blogs and Website Content

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New Service: Editing On Demand

We encourage our clients to write regularly about their business, trends, and current events. If you’re posting your own content to your blog, that’s a great thing (seriously, pat yourself on the back). However, as even the most amateur writers know, it is difficult to proofread and edit your own writing.

It is always wise to have a second set of eyes on anything you intend to post publicly. To help you post accurate and error-free material, we’ve launched a new editing service. If you write a blog post or new webpage, email our team and we will edit it the same day for a flat rate of $20 per 500 words. The service is fast, so you can add the new material to your website in a timely manner – because sometimes that’s key.

Editing On Demand – How it Works

If you write a blog or new webpage that you intend to add to your website, simply email us at allison@paperstreet.com and we will edit and proofread your copy within 24 hours for only $20 (each 500 words). You’ll receive an invoice at the end of the month. Your content could be saved as a draft in WordPress, in a Microsoft Word document, or a GoogleDoc. Just send us the link, file, or blog title and we’ll do the rest.

An edit includes a review for the following best practices:

  • Consistency/standardization
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Sentence structure and clarity
  • Integration with the website design
  • Gaps in content/missing information
  • Word choice
  • Redundancies and/or inaccuracies in text
  • Maintenance of tone/voice
  • Content organization
  • Flow/transitions
  • Typographical errors and misspelled words
  • Grammatical errors
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting issues
  • Incorrect usage (e.g., effect/affect)

Try Our Editing On Demand Service Today

PaperStreet offers law firms services for their internet marketing needs, including SEO, content, and web design. If we can help you with a project, reach out to us at 954-523-2181 or contact us online. Ready for on-demand editing? Send an email to allison@paperstreet.com to get started.

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