The Importance of Quality Back Links

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Google got you down?  Is your site not ranking well because of algorithm changes and updates?  Wish there was a way to increase traffic, rankings, and online visibility all at the same time?

The SEO team deals with these questions everyday here at PaperStreet, and one of the best ways to solve these problems is by link building.  Sounds crazy right?  Judging by the way that Google is updating their algorithms you thought that link building was going the way of the dodo. But, fear not, here are some helpful tips that will help sustain your SEO campaign through link building.

Links are still a massive part of the algorithm that crawls your website.  So, how do you get good links you say?

Great question, forget the old way of link building and follow these full proof steps:

  • Always get quality over quantity; it’s the first rule of everything you do day in and day out.
  • Avoid link directories, paid links, and generic backlink sites.
  • Get published, write blogs, join forums, and be active on the Internet.
  • Don’t be afraid to go after those page ranks of 10, 9, 8, and 7.
  • Purge bad links that are linking to your website.

The back links coming to your site are only as good as the worst ones, so clean up that link profile, set your sights high and get working.  I can tell you first hand that this has proven successful for our clients.

This transition may not be easy, but it is necessary in order to stay competitive in today’s world.  The harder a link is to get the better quality it will be.  Remember, quality rules everything.

Google is trying to get good content and hard work ranked high, so abide by the rules and you will be up there on page one of the results in no time.

Integrate these tips into your SEO campaign and you will be surprised by your increase in rankings.  As always you can reach out to the team at PaperStreet if you have more questions or need specific help attaining your SEO goals.

Happy hunting.

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