How to Rank High for a Product Recall: A Guide for Personal Injury Law Firms

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Quick, some drug or product is hurting people. You have to be #1 for that phrase now, now, now! Here are some quick tips to help get your firm get noticed when time is of the essence. With little competition, you can rank high quickly, often the same day, or the next day.

  1. Release – We have found that press releases, if properly written with SEO in mind, will rank high on the first page of Google for several days to several weeks. It is a great way to get on the first page for niche topics.
  2. Google PPC Ads – You can rank high by investing a few hours of time setting up a Google Adwords campaign. Simply post content to your website (see step #1) and then create a campaign, AdGroups, and test out a few ads.
  3. Social Media – Create a public service announcement that is a spectacular infographic. Distribute it to the media to use freely.  Great infographics take time to research, illustrate, and write copy. However, they can be highly effective, especially once they start to get passed around on social networks and to the media.
  4. Niche Site with Direct Match Keyword Phrases – Google has been cracking down lately on direct match keyword phrase domains with low-quality websites. However, if properly done, these direct match sites still seem to be effective in key areas. Just make sure that you have a sizeable site and not just a one-page landing page. Your goal is to be the resource online for this new recall.

Finally, if you have been planning ahead, then your own website may be an excellent way to post your information. The key is that your website must have enough authority and allow you to quickly add content.

What does “have enough authority” mean? Your website needs to have enough inbound links from other websites.  You should be building your inbound links (i.e., your authority) through directories, articles, blogs, social media, local citations, and everywhere you can be mentioned online. If your website has enough authority, and you can quickly post information, then you will often see same-day rankings for specific keyword phrases in niche areas once you post content.

If you know any other tips for getting ranked high quickly for niche topics, let us know.

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