How To Make a New Google Plus Cover Photo

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

What’s this? Google Plus has a new cover photo size and a new profile photo size and shape!

At first it seemed simple, just upload a new image and voila, a nice quality graphic appears. Not so fast,  proportions are involved here! Being that we are a full service design company, we naturally wanted to create our own graphic to upload. When you have the opportunity to promote your business on Google Plus, you should be featuring a graphic or image that markets your business services and brand.

I did a search for “New Google Plus Cover Size” ….Nothing. I went back to my google plus profile page and uploaded one of the existing photos Google offers. Then I right clicked to view image only to find the image was in fact huge! I then re-sizes my browser to see exactly what was the purpose for such a large photo. The new Google Plus cover image is somewhat responsive! This is the reason why the image needs to be a high quality and large in pixel dimensions.

But wait there’s more! Not only does the image need to be large and of high quality for those that have lower resolutions and large monitors, it has to be the exact proportions or the image will be pixelated, look poor quality and ultimately reflect badly on your brand.

For a quality Google Plus Cover image, you can go up to 2120 x 1192 pixels (again, do not just change the height or the width, if you do go smaller it must be of the same proportions or it won’t register well.

We uploaded a smaller image, keeping the proportions at 1728 x 976. The quality seems good. See my profile page for an example.

Not only is there a New Google Plus Cover photo, but there is also a new shape for the profile photo; a circle.

The size of the Google Plus profile photo is 250×250. Take into account the fact that it is a circle and you won’t see all 250 x 250 of those pixels. It is easy enough to test by uploading a quick, professional photo or logo. Make sure you check for any pixelation and contact a graphic designer if you are having issue creating any custom Google Plus images.



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