How Aggressive Should My On-Page Optimization Be?

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Setting up a content plan for your SEO campaign is very important and easy to do. Simply put: make sure the keywords for your campaign appear on your website. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is. Just make sure to weave your keywords into your content as best as possible and prove to the search engines that your content is relevant for the phrases that you are targeting.

Our role as an SEO team is to make sure that your website’s content is properly optimized. We understand that the content on your site is extremely important. Like the design of your site, it is a reflection of you and your firm.

The question then becomes, how aggressively do you want your SEO team to optimize your site?  Would you say, “I could care less what my content says, I want to rank high no matter what,” or would you say, “My brand is more important than SEO. I don’t want to see keywords anywhere”?  Or are you somewhere in between?

Using a scale like the one below, your SEO team should find out what option best suits your needs:

  1. I could care less what the content says, I want to rank high no matter what.
    (Title tags, headlines, subheads, content editing, footer, and alt tags will all change.)
  2.  Edit away, I want to see high rankings.
    (Edit title tags, headlines, content, footer, and alt tags.)
  3. I want a mix of solid SEO and solid aesthetics.
    (Edit title tags, headlines, alt tags, footer, and potentially some content.)
  4. My brand is more important than SEO.
    (Edit title tags, alt tags and footer.  Do not touch my content.)
  5. I don’t want to see keywords anywhere.
    (Edit title tags only.  Under no circumstances should you touch our content or design.)

Typically, the default position is #3, a mix of solid SEO and solid aesthetics. Specifically, your SEO team should optimize your title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, header, footer, and weave your keyword phrases into your content.

Decide what approach best fits you and what plan of attack will help build the relevancy back to your website.



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