The Future of Law Firm Websites in 2015: It’s All About Content

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Generation Me Has Had Better Days – 2015 is All About Content

Me. Me. Me. No. No. No.

Law firm websites have screamed “me” for years, actually decades.  Content was (and for some is) all about the firm, what they did and who they are.  Add in a pinch of practice areas, a dash of attorney bios, some awards, and featured news and you had a solid website for your firm.

For firms that have major accomplishments, this type of informational website works.  The website informs the public about their million dollar awards, boasts 30+ years of experience in a practice area, explains how they have argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, and highlights their attendance at top-10 law schools.

However, not all firms are created equal with great pedigrees. So, where does that leave the remainder of firms who are trying to market online?  A great pedigree can be a reason someone chooses a firm, but not the only reason.

What if you actually had a solution to a client’s issue?  What if you are fast, accurate, friendly and affordable?  What if you could present that online in a easy-to-digest form?  What if you solved a clients’ problem with ease and could do so for more people?

The Future & What to Expect

In 2015 we are at a great intersection of marketing online.

Top ranked sites can still gain new clients.  Social media allows for referrals instantly.  Top legal directories allow for question and answer sessions, and to showcase your pedigree.  Videos can make a compelling argument about why clients should choose your firm.  However, your content and your message is the key.

Your content should inform.  It should educate.  It should be the resource online for your practice area to answer questions.

Yes, you still need an attorney biography.  Yes, you still need some pages about your firm and practice areas.  Include that information on your site, but in a less prominent section.  What you really need is a publishing plan to produce more informative, educational articles on your practice area than any other law firm.  Showcase that content when the user lands, so that they instantly know you are an expert, even if you don’t have 30-years of experience.

In short, answer clients’ questions.  Solve their problems.  Of course, solve them in a way, where they have to contact you and retain your services.

How to Accomplish This

Here is an abbreviated outline of how to achieve this plan.  Contact us, if you would like a more in-depth analysis and publishing plan.

  1. Create a Niche – Figure out what you actually want to do on a day-to-day basis.  It needs to be something that:You are good at and know (or want to become an expert in)
    1. You enjoy doing and want to invest in more
    2. That people need, so that this can be a viable business
  2. Research – Research questions that people are searching for.  First, use common sense.  Next, use Google suggestions and analytics.  Write on those topics.
  3. Analyze your Current Content (Online and Offline) – Review your current content needs to see if it matches to the research.
  4. Analyze your Current Competition – Check out your competitors to see any current opportunities, threats, sizes, and features.
  5. Create a Publishing Plan – Create a plan to publish all the content.  Have a plan for 30, 60, 90 and 180 days.  Ideally, you will publish something daily, but perhaps weekly is more fir for your schedule.
  6. Create Evergreen Content – Create content that is always going to be wanted.  Don’t focus on just news, rather informative content that stands the test of time.
  7. Write, Edit, Publish & Repeat – Schedule time to write. Make it a priority.
  8. Create Books, White Papers and Downloads – Time to post the content on the website, ideally in an organized format.

If you have a plan, then you should be able to inform and educate your users.  This will lead to higher rankings, more network opportunities, increased social shares, and ultimately more traffic to your firm and clients.

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