How Google Wants You to Format Telephone Numbers for Mobile


What is the Correct Way to Format Telephone Numbers for Mobile?

It’s no longer a secret that mobile conversions are rivaling desktop conversions. In the last year, Google made a huge update, dubbed “mobilegeddon” that stressed the importance of a mobile-friendly design. In May 2016, we are slated to see another version of that update.

In short, the importance of your mobile web design is only growing. At PaperStreet, we think it’s critical to have a well-designed and functioning mobile website. A big part of that goal is ensuring the phone number links correctly.

In order to do this we recommend the format below:


Google has written a page explaining the best practices for linking phone numbers, but the main points include:

  • Use the international dialing format
  • Disable auto-detection when necessary
  • Avoid using spaces and periods (ex: 954 523 2181 or 954.523.2181)

If Google says to do it, you probably should – and, on this point, we agree.

One Response to How Google Wants You to Format Telephone Numbers for Mobile

  1. Gary
    11:22 pm on October 26th, 2021

    I totally agree with the anchor version of the number, but the part that is displayed to the user does not need parenthesis.

    I had rather see phone numbers with dashes only. I had rather not see phone numbers with parenthesis around the area code. That method takes 2 extra characters, which can add up in storage, plus people already know what those three digits are for. The parenthesis started as a designation that the area code was optional for locally dialed numbers. As more locations require dialing the full 10 digits of a phone number even for local numbers, there is even less reason to use parenthesis.

    Having worked for a telecommunications company, I know how two extra digits can be an expense that could be avoided. Of course, the number can be stored one way, then add the parenthesis for display purposes, but that adds another unnecessary processing step that also could be avoided.

    The country codes added are always displayed with dashes, so why have the parenthesis when they are not needed.

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