Effective Methods for Sharing Q&A Content

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Sometimes you have a great idea, but are not sure how to best execute it so that it can meet its potential. We recently had a client with this problem. He was seeking guidance on the best way to share a Q&A session across his multiple active social media accounts.

Question and answer sessions deliver content to your audience in a simple format. They are ideal for answering frequently asked questions, reviewing a topic in detail and opening a discussion based on recent news. Ultimately, it offers a fast way to get content on your site in a format that almost anyone can understand.

Each social media platform offers unique ways to share content. There are multiple strategies that can be implemented, however the recommendation we gave to our client can be found in the list below:

  • Google+: Start a live hangout, which can later be uploaded to your YouTube channel, creating additional views. Not familiar with Google Hangout? Read more about how to get started and scheduling your session.
  • Blog: Write up a blog post with each question and answer and embed the video in the post.
  • Facebook/Twitter: Share one of the questions and include a link to the blog post (you can do this several times over the course of a week, creating multiple posts).
  • LinkedIn: You can add the blog post to your company updates and share with your personal connections.

If you would like to film a video, but would rather it not take place live, record it in advance and upload it to your YouTube channel. If videos are not your cup of tea, you can omit this step and share the blog post instead. However, we encourage you to consider creating the video, as videos are powerful marketing tools.

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