Design Detail: Comparing Proposals for Websites

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Choosing a web design firm is not easy.  You should consider the following factors when comparing law firm web design proposals:

  1. Custom vs. Templates – Is the work custom or template?
    Beauty is in the details.  Details take time.A custom web design can take anywhere from 50 to 200+ hours to produce.  At PaperStreet, we spend about 100+ hours to produce a website, from creative planning and design to development and launch.A template design by comparison usually can be put together in a day or two with minor modifications.  The total time on those projects is usually between five and 20 hours.As with anything, more time on the project increases the level of detail, which is why custom is always priced higher than templates.
  2. Number of Designed Pages – How many pages will the firm design?
    Your site can have an unlimited amount of pages using a content management system.  However, sometimes firms take short cuts on the design.  They only create a unique home page and a single subpage.  Those two designs are used to power your 100-page website. This approach obviously takes a lot less time, but does not produce a rich website.At PaperStreet, we believe the design details make your website unique. For this reason, we design out 10 individual pages:

    1. Home page
    2. Sub-page (interior page)
    3. Attorney landing (with a unique look and typically not a bullet list of attorneys)
    4. Attorney detail
    5. Practice landing (again typically not a bullet list)
    6. Practice detail
    7. Contact page
    8. Blog
    9. Mobile
    10. One wild card page type depending on the project

    Creating unique pages for each section of the site takes more time, but the final website reflects this extra effort.

  3. Unlimited Pages – Is your site powered by a content management system (CMS)?
    Creating a site in a CMS can take a bit longer than a static site but it is worth it in the long run.  Using Total Control, your site will scale to any number of pages using the 10 branded theme pages we design specifically for your website. Most of our sites have between 50 and 100 pages of content, some 700.
  4. Copyright – Will you own the copyright in the design of your site?
    To reduce costs, other firms retain control of the design.  They use your design on other projects, which saves them money, or they license it to you on a yearly basis, thus increasing your yearly costs.  Own the copyright in your design and save yourself money and headaches.
  5. Total Happiness – How many rounds of revisions will the firm produce?
    Some firms limit the number of design rounds to 1, 2 or 3.  You may or may not achieve your goals during that time.  At PaperStreet, we keep designing until your firm is happy. Most of our designs are approved in three to five rounds, but we can go farther.  It does go to show the level of detail and dedication that custom websites can take.
  6. Detail Features – What features are included with your website?
    Does your project include all of these features? At PaperStreet, these features are included. This is a long list, but it is everything that goes into a 100+ hour project. It’s why our designs are very detailed and win awards.
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