Attention Ngage Users: Information About the Consumer Assistance Program

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If you use Ngage, then you should read this blog about the Customer Assistance Program. We wanted to bring to your attention that your firm is automatically opted in to the Ngage Customer Assistance Program by default.

What is the Customer Assistance Program?

As part of the Customer Assistance Program, Ngage will proactively identify leads not in your area and not send those leads to your firm. Typically these are out of state leads.  You should receive some communication when this happens that they did not send the lead to you.

If you want to receive all leads, then you will need to opt-out of this program.  You should discuss the settings with your Ngage representative and update accordingly.

More information on this program is here:

How Does the Consumer Assistance Program Work?

Each live chat conversation is categorized by geographic location and area of practice by the chat analyst. This is pulled from the Ngage website.

  1. With consumer assistance, you can work with your account manager or we can use the information directly from your website to select the areas of practice and geographic locations that apply specifically to your firm.
  2. You will still receive an emailed copy of every chat inquiry.
  3. Because Consumer Assistance preemptively identifies the leads that aren’t in your area, we now have the ability to only forward Live Transfer calls that are relevant to you. This means no more time spent on the phone with folks you cannot help from the get-go.
  4. If a chat conversation happens to be outside of your selected areas of practice and geographic area, Ngage will clearly notify this on the email and automatically no-fee the inquiry for your firm, saving the firm money.
  5. Ngage will politely let the visitor know that your firm cannot assist them, and provide simple, helpful resources relevant to their situation. This helps the firm save valuable time and intake resources.
  6. If appropriate, Ngage will also attempt to connect the visitor with a firm relevant to their situation. This helps the visitor potentially connect with an attorney appropriate to their situation, as opposed to starting over with their search. This helpful interaction can lead to 5 star reviews for your firm, like the ones below.

What Does PaperStreet Recommend?

We would recommend that you read the above Ngage information and review with your representative. If you want all leads for all practice areas and geographic areas, then you should discuss adjusting settings on your account.  Your Ngage representative can help with that.

Any questions, let us know.

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