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PaperStreet SEO

Impress and Get Results with Our Legal Marketing Campaigns.

PaperStreet was founded by a lawyer for lawyers. Several team members are former attorneys, and we’ve been working for firms for more than 20 years. We know attorney marketing. Whether you have a marketing department or not, PaperStreet can manage your legal marketing campaign and help you gain more clients for your practice.

PaperStreet’s Pillars of Legal Marketing: How We Get Results

Talk to any marketing guru and they will list various numbers of marketing pillars to be completed in an effective campaign. Here’s PaperStreet’s take on the attorney marketing goals we consistently pursue for your firm:

Attract new clients.

As we explain throughout our site: we know the digital marketing strategies that work. From PPC to SEO to local search to press releases, our comprehensive lawyer marketing team works to get all of your bases covered. We know you need to rank highly on Google, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you accomplish your goals. We also help you create a strong brand that is marketed across a host of platforms. Obtaining this ranking and exposure attracts new clients and is a direct attribution for a great return on investment (and yes, this is also something we track).

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Maintain a relationship with your clients long after their lawsuit is completed.

While some firms have specific practice areas that may not attract repeat business, our marketing efforts help you maintain a relationship with your previous clients. We can help with email newsletters, resource brochures for past clients, assistance with reviews, gathering testimonials, etc. Engaging and informative content presented through your blogs, infographics and social media content will also stress how you can help your clients in more ways than one.

Expand your legal marketing campaign as your firm grows.

“Grow” is a broad term here, and we intend to leave it as such. Perhaps your firm added new attorneys? We’ll work on their bios. Maybe you’re opening a new office? We’ll do keyword research to generate new search terms for these locations -- or even help you decide the most beneficial locations. Your firm may even be making the small change of adding podcasts. We can help optimize those, too. Whatever needs your firm has, PaperStreet is here to either do the work ourselves or point you in the right direction.

Constantly monitor your success.

Any decent marketing agency will tell you that they use Google Analytics or a similar program to track your progress. Of course we use those metrics -- as well as several others. We understand that your firm wants to know your ROI, and we can present the precise data to you at any time. PaperStreet also encourages you to schedule monthly meetings with us, so we can address any concerns or proactively work on new ideas together.

Have a strategy in place for both long and short term goals.

When achieving marketing goals, it’s easy to focus only on the present. Many attorneys fall into the trap of feeling complacent once a firm sees page one rankings or has a steady caseload. The problem is that your competitors are almost certainly expanding and evolving their legal marketing campaign, as well. Whether we plan for budget extensions down the line, new content hubs, additional marketing channels, etc., we know that your firm needs to reach immediate goals and strategies, as well as plan for a year or two down the road.

We Understand What You Want to Say to Your Potential and Current Clients

When you hire a legal marketing agency, you have to trust that your brand and voice are in good hands. We understand that we are representing your firm in all aspects of your website. Your content is a reflection of you, so you need a marketing agency you can trust.

Here are some reasons to trust PaperStreet as your voice:

  1. We hire attorney writers, so they understand the law.
  2. We never post content without your approval. You have the chance to read and edit each and every post or page we write before it goes live. (Same for our designs, videos, etc.) If you have feedback, we’re sure to make sure the content reflects those changes.
  3. We do extensive research to make sure that you are not missing out on the content or marketing channel your site needs to be competitive.
  4. We check to make sure that your content or other marketing medium is written in a tone that is engaging and informative to your potential clients.

And perhaps most importantly,

  1. We track the progress of your website and individual content. If you’re not getting conversions or clicks, we come up with solutions for you to improve the quality of your marketing content.
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Pricing Flexibility to Match Your Firm’s Budget

Whether you hire us for a new website, a social media campaign, PPC or SEO campaign, or another service, we offer pricing tiers in order for you to select a plan that stays in your budget. We also offer a la carte services should you want to test the water with our team for a consultation, video, new logo, etc.

Many of our clients often sign up for one service and then evolve into us handling more and more of their legal marketing campaigns. We’re confident in our work and we take the time to develop a relationship with all of our clients.

Carry Out Your Vision for Your Legal Marketing Campaign.

At PaperStreet, we are happy to help you bring your vision to life, but we can also step in if you need some support to better develop your strategy. We’re also available to help you change gears if your previous campaign wasn’t performing the way you hoped. We help clients nationwide and we’re always available to help. Give us a call or send us a message today.