Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Law Firm’s Website

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Your website is likely a large driving force in acquiring new business for your law practice. The firm should be focusing on internal items/clients and not worrying about learning how to build websites. 

With that said, you should have a quick and easy way to manage your site if you need to update it. One of the best and free resources to do that with is WordPress. At PaperStreet, we use WordPress for the majority of our websites. It allows our team to create easy to use, yet customizable websites, that are secure and budget friendly. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that assists users in managing their website without having the technical knowledge to build a website. The CMS has been around for almost 20 years now and continues to grow in popularity. 

6 Advantages to Using Word Press

WordPress is Easily Customized

With WordPress being open-source — i.e. source code that is freely available — you are able to customize your Law Firm website to your specific needs. You can create custom attorney searches, customize your blogs/resources, and display your firms attorneys in a way that best represents your firm.

PS Bonus: At PaperStreet, we code our websites from scratch and make them easily editable. Coding from scratch allows us to only have the items truly needed so the site can be fast, lean, and easy to use.

Easy to Use

WordPress is very user-friendly. This is why it is the most used Content Management System (CMS) on the internet. Everything is set up so you can find the areas quickly.
PS Bonus: PaperStreet has countless videos on how to use WordPress with your law firm website.


There are thousands of plugins to choose from to better assist you with your website and your goals. These plugins include reviews, google analytics, page speed, search engine optimization (SEO), security, and contact forms — which are very important for your law firm’s website.  

PS Bonus: We try to limit the amount of plugins we use on our website builds. We usually try and stick between 7-12 plugins, depending on the site. Some of our favorites include Gravity Forms and Yoast SEO.


WordPress has great features you can use for SEO. One of the best and widely used plugins for WordPress is Yoast. Yoast helps your site with title tags, meta descriptions, and social media connections (just to name a few).

PS Bonus: If you need assistance with your SEO presence, contact us today. We have multiple plans you can choose from.


The software is free, which is always a plus!  Building a CMS from scratch would likely cost tens of thousands of dollars (if not more). This is why hundreds of millions of websites choose WordPress as the backbone of their website.

PS Bonus: We have many types of plans that may be able to work with your firm’s budget. Check out our portfolio and we can give you an idea on how much that the site would cost.


There are an abundant amount of hosting services, plugins, and online resources to make your website secure. A lot of hosting services have a dedicated WordPress hosting area. The WordPress team (Automattic) are continually making an effort to make the CMS more secure. There are updates regularly and WP lets you know when it should be updated. 

PS Bonus: Although it is highly unlikely something does happen to your website, if you are hosting with PaperStreet our websites are backed up daily (in the event something does happen). We also maintain and perform code updates (patches, plugins, fixes) so you never have to. 

With the above, it is clear that WordPress is a great resource for your Law Firm. If you are interested in using WordPress or need assistance with your website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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