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What’s Changed in Web Development in Recent Years?

Web development is always in flux and in the last few years has undergone significant changes. Even though development continues to grow more advanced, it still comes down to the basics and understanding the relationships between HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

The biggest changes to the industry in the last two to three years include:

  • Responsive web development
  • Front-end frameworks
  • Continued use of jQuery and animations
  • More robust and secure database-driven systems
  • Hackers, which means even more robust and more secure systems, which leads to dedicated companies such as WPEngine who focus solely on building great server environments
  • Freemium plugins and services
  • Improved browser compatibility, which means wider acceptance of standards such as HTML5 and CSS
  • Microsoft Edge putting Internet Explorer back on everybody’s good side
  • Use of freelancers, which is continuing to grow steadily worldwide
  • Better management teams and tools to guide/help/direct/teach those freelancers
  • Clean designs that focus on top-notch functionality

All of these changes are making websites (1) easier to use for the end visitor (2) more robust and accessible on all platforms at all times. The emphasis on mobile and on-the-go viewing truly puts the focus on the user – and the functionality of a phone.

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