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A Client File Sharing Tool with administrative interface, integrated into your web site. Great for law firms that need to be able to host client files on their web site, securely, and cost-effectively.

Our client file tool is an light weight tool that allows you to create an unlimited amount of clients, unlimited amount of file uploads. Sure there are lots of these programs as installed models and hosted models. However, we found most are hard to use for a typical client, did not integrate into the site nicely, and/or had ongoing fees associated with them. So we built our own.

Each client has a unique login and can view only their files. Each client and the firm administrator can view, download, add, and delete files for that client. The firm administrator can of course see everything.


  1. Login with Unique User Pass
  2. Create New Users
  3. Automatically create new folders for clients
  4. Ability to login as any client and view/download/add/delete files.


  1. Login with Unique User / Pass
  2. View File
  3. Download Files
  4. Upload Files
  5. Delete Files

Included in Our Costs

  1. PaperStreet Integration into your web site.
  2. Training on Use of the tool.
  3. Bugs / Error fixes, if any for first 30 days.
  4. Customizations are done on an hourly rate.

Pretty nifty!”  Here are some screen shots of an install.

Website login page for Vasquez Benisek & Lindgren LLP, featuring fields for username and password, a login button, and options for forgotten passwords. The firm represents clients in Taiwan, China, and the USA.

A screenshot of a legal firm's client login page with options to upload files. The contact details of the firm and some navigation links are displayed. A file named "test.txt" is listed under "Files".

As you can see it’s super simple. But that is good. Clients will use it more. I call it the “Apple” model of design. Simple is best for usability. It kills all the usual clutter with file systems.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or want a demo.

Total Files by PaperStreet

A Client File Sharing Tool with administrative interface, integrated into your web site.

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