9 Impressive Law Firm Website Makeovers

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New year, new ways to showcase your services on your website. Every new year rolls around and we come up with new resolutions. This year is no different. Your website should be considered a prime piece of real estate with eye-catching curb appeal that makes the sale so much easier. The same principle applies to your website. 

By refreshing your website at the start of this new decade, you will attract new potential clients just by the visual appeal alone. You can expect additional benefits from website improvements as well, including an enhanced user experience on mobile and a reduction of your risk of getting hacked, among a long list of other reasons.

Here are the 9 before and afters to get you inspired:

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Going from a colorless outdated website, Wilford Conrad’s new design ads a pop of color, bold imagery and eye-catching fonts. Incorporating the brand initials further customizes and elevates the concept.

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With the new addition of an updated logo, accompanied by vibrant imagery and headlines, the new design showcases a more professional and up-to-date firm.

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Their old site had potential but it was lacking eye-catching imagery and a true call to action.  Nothing really stood out. However, it is quite the opposite with the new design. By including a bold introduction message and animating recent news as the first thing you see on the homepage, the design gives a great first impression to potential clients.

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With no call to action or imagery, their previous site lacked a visually-pleasing design. Meanwhile, the updated version of their site showcases a lively arrangement of photos along with standout messages.

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Their previous site needed a little pick-me-up with its dark and outdated look and feel. Their new site brings a sharp new approach with stunning graphics and animations, accompanied by an updated navigation.

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This site certainly was informational and visually pleasing, but it lacked a modern clean look. With the new website design, the site lets the impressive imagery do all the talking. In addition, the animation and powerful messages truly elevates the overall look.

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The previous design had potential, but the stock images and lack of personalization left something to be desired. However, with the addition of the use of vibrant colors from their logo, the new site brings engaging messages and personalized staff photos that made a potential client feel right at home.

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Overall, the old site needed a facelift with a more powerful image and updated typography. With the use of bold angles, an updated logo and vibrant colors, the new site’s eye-catching visuals bring the site to life.

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With outdated technology and a busy homepage overloaded with text and imagery, the old site needed a simple touch of modern. Along with an updated logo, the new site showcases a standout team photo with up-to-date technology for their video and purposeful headlines. 

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