Domain Name Switch: Problems with Email or Web Site Not Revolving

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At PaperStreet we launch about a web site a week (or eight in the past two weeks if you are counting). One of the most common issues with a new web site launch, on a new web server, is for the client to not be able to see the new site immediately.

It takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 72 hours for a domain name DNS info to propagate across the internet. Most often it happens immediately or within a few hours. Sometimes it takes a bit longer.

If you are ever having issue with a single computer, or single network that simply wont update to the new site, or simply won’t send email to the new server, then do this command on that effected computer:

1. Click Start > Run

2. Type the following and hit enter:

c:/> ipconfig /flushdns
3. That is it. It should clear the DNS cache of the computer and the computer will then re-query the internet to see where traffic should be pointed.


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