Create All Possible Keyword Phrase Domains in 1 Minute

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We often need to come up with a bunch of ideas for a domain based on common extensions. We often had to do this all manually and it sucked.

So we created/modified a new tool to create all possible domains.


Update as of 4/13/2018.  We took our tool offline as we found us simply using mergewords.com.

Our new tool is based on a common keyword phrase tool that has been on the internet for years. We revised it to be just for domains and put in common prefixes, suffixes, and domain extensions so that we can quickly build an idea list.

I am not stating that all our ideas will be available, in fact, a lot won’t. But this tool allows us to quickly sort through what is available by putting up to 500 domains into a bulk registration tool and seeing what is available.

I figure saves us about an hour a day, so why not save everyone some time.

Directions – after going to see the tool here

  1. Modify Prefix, Extensions and Domains as Needed. The first comma is needed to not have any prefixes.
  2. Add your “Keywords” in box 2. That is the real important step.
  3. In all boxes, seperate words by commas with no spaces.
  4. Click “Generate” to see all possible domains.
  5. Paste those domains into a bulk register domain tool, such as GoDaddy.
  6. GoDaddy or your preferred domain registrar will let you know what is available pretty quickly.

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Let's get started.

One Response to Create All Possible Keyword Phrase Domains in 1 Minute

  1. dmc7692gow
    1:15 am on April 8th, 2010

    thx a lot but after I change it I got one problem
    I also like to use the URL field to get the No. 1 listing automatically
    but ever since I make the change from Ask.com, the URL doesn't do that anymore
    it will simply just take me to google search result page, while I prefer it takes me directly to the website (cause for result page I will just use google toolbar)
    Not a big deal, but I think the auto search makes it handy and I would want it back
    any suggestion?

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