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Pete Boyd portraitADA Accessibility for Websites is Now Required

It is now official.  ADA accessibility applies to websites.  Your website must be compliant. The Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of Robles vs. Domino’s Pizza.  This means that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, which held that Domino’s website must be compliant, stands.  The retailer needs to have a compliant website.

Florida Bar Rules About Website Stock Imagery

Custom photography can be expensive and the high-end look it creates isn’t always the goal of every law firm. So, many legal professionals with budget in mind default to using stock imagery on their website. These images will often appear…

Pete Boyd portraitFlorida Bar Website Advertising Rules: A Detailed Analysis of the Rules & Our Notes

We previously wrote on a brief analysis of the Florida Bar Rule changes for Advertising.  You can view that topic here.  This is now a detailed analysis of the rules. The Subchapter 4-7 rules can be found here.   Here are…

Pete Boyd portraitDo the Florida Bar Rules Allow for Logos?

In the related discussion of logos and why law firms do not have them, up came the issue of whether Florida law firms could have logos. Good question. Read More.

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