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Andrew portraitBuilding Mobile Websites – Overwriting iPhones’ Automatic Phone Number Coloring

When building out my last mobile website, I came across a common problem. The issue is that certain phones — such as the iPhone — are programmed in such a way that when they see a phone number, they automatically make it one color. But what if the default color for displaying phone numbers is set to black, and on the mobile website there is a black background?

Andrew portraitPaperStreet Dominates SEO

The experienced SEO specialists at PaperStreet have completely dominated Search Engine Optimization. Read On…

Andrew portraitPaperStreet Gets You Ranked High in Google Places… Fast

Donald C Barrett, a Key West Criminal Defense Lawyer, came to us with the question “How can I show up on Google search before the Organic Lists?’”  The answer lies in a SEO campaign and Google Places account. To learn…

Andrew portraitWeb Design Week In Review: Launching HSD and Wigrum

Despite the short week due to Thanksgiving, PaperStreet was able to launch sites for Hunter Smith and Davis ( and Wigington Rumley Dunn LLP (

Andrew portraitBranding for your Law Firm: Your Website, Logo, Brochures and Corporate Identity

We have all heard the importance of creating a powerful brand image, but where do we begin? First you must define what you stand for. What are your goals? Who is your target audience? Defining what your company stands for…

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