About ShellShocker Vulnerability

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This summer, there was the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability that affected web servers. Now in the past week, there is Shellshocker vulnerability.

About ShellShock Vulnerability

Shellshock is a vulnerability in GNU’s bash shell that gives attackers access to run remote commands on a vulnerable system.  Bash is a command line processor that can read commands and run scripts.

How many computers are Vulnerable World-Wide?

A lot.  The exploit reportedly affects most Linux- and Unix-based operating systems around the world, including OS X. Those systems run about 60% of the web.  That’s millions and millions of computers and embedded devices, all of which will need to be updated as soon as possible.  The good news, is that most companies that used a Bash shell on a computer have issued a patch.

PaperStreet Servers are 100% Safe

We have tested all our websites.  Due to the server environment configuration we were not affected.  Only cftnews.com which is on a Virtual server at Media Temple had to be updated and MT did that automatically.

Questions? Concerns?

We would love to talk it over with you (we’re nerdy like that) – give us a call at 954-523-2181.


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