Our Favorite Shortcuts for Sublime Text (PC)

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Sublime is the Preferred Text Editor at PaperStreet

At PaperStreet the text editor of choice for writing code is Sublime Text (or as we like to call it, “Sublime”). Using this text editor has made our lives so much easier when it comes to editing code for websites we are building. It is fast, elegant, and easy to use. One of the main aspects that sets it apart from all the other text editors is the shortcuts.

Some of our favorite shortcuts include:

  • “Ctrl + C” – Copy the current selection
  • “Ctrl + X” – Cut the current line
  • “Ctrl + D” “Select text” (press multiple times to select each occurrence)
  • “Ctrl + Shift + D” – Copy the current line/s
  • “Ctrl + /” – Comment out line
  • “Ctrl + Shift + Z” – Go forward

With such great power, comes great responsibly. No, just kidding, you can just use “Ctrl + Z” and go back.

If you are interested in using Sublime now after the “plug” above you can try it for free. We highly recommend it.

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