7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts


Note: these shortcuts are for a PC. Mac users should change Ctrl to Cmd.

If you actively use Photoshop the tips below can help save you clicks/time. This hopefully (fingers crossed) will increase your overall productivity.

Edit -> Preferences -> Performance

  • Increase/decrease the number of revisions shown
  • Increase/decrease the amount of RAM Photoshop uses
    • Around 80% is ideal (varies by computer)

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S

  • Quickly save an image

Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab

  • Navigate through images (tabs)

F (press F)

  • Rotate through different views in Photoshop

Ctrl + O

  • Open a new image
    • Can select multiple images to open at once

Shift + Tab

  • Hide right panel
    • Get a better view of your image

View -> New Guide

  • Center of the image using lines (guides)
    • Horizontal and Vertical centered at 50%

  • Great for image placement that needs to be centered
    • Example usage: Center of the map for PaperStreet location

Example with no guides

Using guides

What are some of your favorite shortcuts/tips for Photoshop?

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