7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts

Image of a video editing software interface showcasing a city time-lapse video in the main window, with adjustment sliders for various settings on the right and a timeline below. Just like mastering 7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts, this tool maximizes your efficiency and creativity.

Note: these shortcuts are for a PC. Mac users should change Ctrl to Cmd.

If you actively use Photoshop the tips below can help save you clicks/time. This hopefully (fingers crossed) will increase your overall productivity.

Edit -> Preferences -> Performance

  • Increase/decrease the number of revisions shown
  • Increase/decrease the amount of RAM Photoshop uses
    • Around 80% is ideal (varies by computer)

A screenshot of the Preferences dialog in Adobe Photoshop, highlighting sections like Performance and settings such as Memory Usage, History & Cache, and Graphics Processor Settings. For more efficiency, check out our 7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S

  • Quickly save an image

Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab

  • Navigate through images (tabs)

F (press F)

  • Rotate through different views in Photoshop

Ctrl + O

  • Open a new image
    • Can select multiple images to open at once

Shift + Tab

  • Hide right panel
    • Get a better view of your image

View -> New Guide

  • Center of the image using lines (guides)
    • Horizontal and Vertical centered at 50%

A dialog box labeled "New Guide" with options for horizontal or vertical orientation and a position setting at 50%, reminiscent of the streamlined efficiency found in the 7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts. Two buttons labeled "OK" and "Cancel" are also visible.

  • Great for image placement that needs to be centered
    • Example usage: Center of the map for PaperStreet location

Example with no guides
Map showing the location of Paperstreet Web Design near the intersection of SW 16th Ct and SW 2nd Ave, with nearby landmarks including a dental specialist office, a marine service, and Croissant Park. For web design enthusiasts, discover 7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts to enhance efficiency.

Using guides
A map shows "Paperstreet Web Design" marked with a red pin at the intersection of SW 17th St and SW 1st Ave, near Croissant Park and a Baseball Field in a neighborhood. For those into design, don't miss their guide on "7 Essential Photoshop Quick Tips & Shortcuts.

What are some of your favorite shortcuts/tips for Photoshop?

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