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About The Firm

Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. is the hub for innovation and its creators. Our dedicated lawyers, professional and support staff counsel our clients by devising sound legal strategies that form the foundation innovators need to build their growing companies, socially-impacting organizations and schools on the cutting edge of education and education reform. We steer our clients through legal and regulatory matters big and small, and the many pivots they experience along their dynamic needs. Our practice and lawyers cover a wide range of disciplines from internet law and e-commerce law to small business law, real estate, family, and education law matters. But the tie that unites us is clear: we keep our eyes firmly on the bottom line. Your bottom line.


July 31, 2018

Practice Area(s)

Charter Schools, Education, Business & General Counsel, Not-for-profit Organizations, Internet, E-commerce & Social Media, Dispute & Litigation, Commercial Real Estate, NYC Startup, Trademark & Copyright, Private Client

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