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Peter BoydPaperStreet: Social Media Management Package

PaperStreet is testing the waters with a new social media management program. The importance of relevant content continues to grow. In an effort to meet the demands of our clients we are testing out the new program with a few…

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Peter BoydTry This Quick Fix When Chrome Starts to Slow Down

Help! My Chrome Browser is Dragging Is your Chrome slow?  Mine was.  Every time I typed or tried to click on various elements on the page, the system would take a few seconds to respond.   It was proving to…

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Peter BoydHow to Get Rid of Related Videos When Embedding From YouTube

Removing Related Videos at the End of Your YouTube Clip Embedding a YouTube video is easy, but without an extra step the stream will populate related videos at the end. This isn’t always a bad thing, but for our clients this function often…

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Peter BoydPopular File Sharing Solutions

We are often asked about the possible file sharing options for our clients. Below is a breakdown of the more popular options: Simple Login Portal Script Notes – A web script that we have whereby we have one username and…

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Peter BoydSEO is a Partnership: You, Us and Google

A Shared Responsibility The workload is normally split 80/20. PaperStreet will do as much as possible to get you on Google’s good side (about 80 percent), but some of the work has to come from you – the client. Usually this…

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