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Peter BoydAbout ShellShocker Vulnerability

This summer, there was the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability that affected web servers. Now in the past week, there is Shellshocker vulnerability. About ShellShock Vulnerability Shellshock is a vulnerability in GNU’s bash shell that gives attackers access to run remote commands…

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AllisonDo You Really Need the Word “That”?

The That Tip That is one of the most overused words in writing. I would venture to say half the time you don’t need it in your writing. When we speak we use that as a filler word and it…

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paperstreetFinal Design Approval – Exceptions & Variations Explained

As a client of PaperStreet you are required to sign off on several approvals before moving your custom project to the next stage. Both content and design will need to be formally approved via an email form in order for…

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AllisonThe Last 30 Days: Our Month in Pictures

From birthdays and doggie visits, PaperStreet has been super active in the last 30 days – and we have the pictures to prove it. Enjoy this little snapshot into our office life. Office Life at PaperStreet    

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Ashley Albert21 Ways to Approach Social Media

                      Many businesses know how powerful social media can be, but do not understand how to take full advantage of it. Despite the dozens of social media experts who give tips and…

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