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Peter BoydHow to Combat Negative Reviews for Law Firm Ratings Sites

You likely won’t receive all positive reviews and testimonials. Especially in the legal industry where there are so many places clients (or non-clients) can leave negative comments and low ratings.

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ScottWhat’s Changed in Web Development in Recent Years?

Web development is always in flux and in the last few years has undergone significant changes.

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Peter BoydPaperStreet Domains for Sale

We have been in business for 15 years now and have acquired all types of odd domains. It is time to sell!

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Peter BoydWin a Full Website Audit and One Hour of Free Work!

Win a full website audit and one hour of free work in just two steps!

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David“This site may be hacked” Message Appearing? MailChimp URL Could Be the Cause

Recently, our client’s website was assigned the message “This site may be hacked” by Google within the search engine results page. We went through all of the necessary steps to ensure the website was not hacked and didn’t contain any malicious code.

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