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Peter BoydDo Not Submit! Get Creative with Contact Form Button Text

Almost all law firm websites have contact forms.  Most use the word “Submit” as the form button. It is easy, lazy, and often the default when coding.

However, conversion rates increase if you use other terminology for the button text.  According to Hubspot, you can increase your conversion rate by simply changing the text of the button.

So what should you change to? Here are some quick tips for text you can use instead:

Contact Form Button Text

  • Contact Now
  • Free Consultation
  • Begin Inquiry
  • Free, No Obligation Consultation
  • Get Help Now
  • Grow your Business
  • Apply Now
  • Free Case Evaluation
  • Get Started Today
  • Do I Qualify?
  • Talk to Us

Download Submit

  • Download ___ Now (when offering a free download)
  • Get the _______ Now (download)
  • Get the Free ______ Guide
  • Access Now

Online Services or Products Button Text

  • Free Registration
  • Create Account
  • Start my Free Trial
  • Start my Trial
  • Create an Account
  • Sign Up for _____.
  • Sign Up!
  • Try the New ________.

Newsletters Submit

  • Subscribe
  • Subscribe Now
  • Get Helpful Advice
  • Receive Tips Weekly
  • Keep up To Date
  • Get Notified

The key, of course, is your button needs to stand out and look like a button.  If you do that, you can call the button anything you want and increase conversions.

Do you have other ideas?  Leave your ideas in the comments (where it says Post Comment, instead of submit).

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