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About Web Site Maintenance

We have been maintaining websites for over 15 years.

We have always provided same business-day updates. Clients often remark on how fast we work for them.

We pride ourselves on making sure our clients' sites, once online, stay online and up to date.

We can help with simple edits, complex additions or complete redesigns of websites.

We offer hosting, email, assistance with domain names and website reporting features that help you track traffic and statistics.

Our maintenance work is done on an hourly rate, prorated for only the time we actually spend working on your site. You don't waste money for time not spent on your website.

Finally, we make sure our edits are done right the first time. We save you time and money because of our experience and passion for same-day service.

Key Benefits

  1. Same-Day Updates, You Never Wait

    Don't wait days or weeks. We do same business-day edits.

  2. 100% Right, So You can Focus on Your Business

    We know your time is valuable. That's why we make edits right 100% of the time.

  3. Support When You Need It

    We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem the same day.

Clients Love Us


"I have been working with PaperStreet in all aspects of development and SEO. In fact, we have done some things together that others can not do; simply because they are willing to be imaginative and creative on both the development and search engine optimization (SEO) side. So far, we have built and successfully operated over 12 websites (including updates). With their assistance, we have taken our main website from total visitors of approximately 9000 to total visitors of over 180,000 in (5) years. "

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Case Studies

Fast, Accurate Service Solves Your Problems

We're there for you in an emergency:

  • One of our clients called our emergency line at 2 a.m., panicked that his website was down. He had chosen to host his website with a different company, and that host had crashed. Although the problem was not ours to fix, we researched the issue immediately and advised him on how to contact his host, getting the site back up and running.
  • One of our clients called in and told us that they had sent out a newsletter to a mailing list of about 500 people with the wrong URL written on it. We immediately wrote a redirect for it so that the URL in their newsletter worked.

We provide fast, efficient solutions:

  • A UK-based law firm needed to change its address everywhere on its website. This was immediately assigned and all changes were made that day.
  • An IT company working for a west coast law firm contacted us regarding DNS record changes that affected their email and needed to be made that Friday. A developer stayed late to make sure the change was made.
  • A client started receiving lots of automated spam through their contact form and forwarded us an example. We upgraded their e-mail script using our latest spam protections, which stopped the flood of junk mail.
  • A client wanted to create an online job application page, with a noticeable link to it on the home page. The application form would e-mail different people, depending on the location chosen. The design team created an icon for the home page, and the developer used existing site elements to create a nice form that matched the site. The new page and form was created within 5 business days and launched the next week after some revisions.

Features of Web Maintenance

  • Let Us Help

    Why worry about technical features such as PHP, MySQL, GB and other acronyms? We are here to make your job easy.

  • Same-Day Updates

    We do same business-day edits. No need to wait days or weeks for an update to appear.

  • 100% Right

    We make edits right 100% of the time.

  • Support

    We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem the same day. We often surprise our own clients with our speed.

  • Reports

    We have a comprehensive suite of reporting features for your website, including statistics, traffic analysis, and rankings.

  • Web Hosting

    We can host your website. Our web hosting is cost-effective and reliable.

  • Email

    We provide quick, reliable email that includes spam guard and anti-virus protection. You can access it through any email program and via our webmail.

  • Domain Names

    We can assist in choosing a domain name, registering the domain and even negotiating a transfer.

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