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  1. What is the most important goal for your website?

    To look good and function well – while meeting our limited budget.
    To impress clients, communicate our unique brand, and meet several specific requirements we want tailored for us.

  2. When would you like your site to be complete?

    One week to one month.
    One month to four months.

  3. When you make purchasing decisions in general, do you tend to go for the:

    The best price.
    The best in quality, style and latest technologies.

  4. If your firm were a car, it would be a:

    Toyota or Honda. (Solid. Affordable.)
    Mercedes, BMW or Audi. (Luxurious. Powerful.)

  5. The thing you dislike about most legal web design is:

    I often feel forced to choose between "cheap but ugly" designs and "nice but too expensive" ones.
    The websites all look the same. No "Wow" factor. They don't meet my needs or high standards.

  6. The thing you like the most about well-designed legal websites is:

    Their clean design and simple functionality.
    Their ability to instantly communicate to the user an impression of authority, competency, expertise.

  7. What is your estimated budget for a new website?

    $7,500 or less
    $7,500 to $50,000

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