Web Design for Small Firms

Helping Firms with less than 10 Legal Professionals

We have designed websites for solo attorneys just starting their career as well as for firms that have been around for decades and have more than 100 attorneys. While the number of practicing lawyers is not important to the web design process, it is usually indicative of the firms marketing goals. For example, a law firm that has been practicing for decades usually isn’t interested in appearing at the top of search results. These firms are concerned about creating a brand.

At smaller firms the marketing goal is usually to be seen and be seen well. Small firms are looking to outshine their competition. Often this means ranking at the top of Google and having a design that impresses potential clients. We can help with both of those goals.

Examples of Small Law Firm Websites

Just because your firm is small doesn’t mean your impact on the web has to be insignificant. All of the designs below were custom projects with different marketing goals. We think you will agree that even though they showcase only one or two attorneys their impact is strong and memorable.

The following are recent small law firm websites by PaperStreet:

  • Bloom Legal
  • A solo personal injury and criminal defense lawyer in Louisiana.

Bloom Legal site thumbnail

  • Jacobson Law
  • A firm of three (two of counsel attorneys) helping investors, brokerage firms and financial advisors throughout South Florida.

Jacobson site thumbnail

  • Thorn Law Group
  • A firm of two attorneys practicing in the Northeast in tax law issues.

Thorn Tax Law site thumbnail

  • Morrow & Sheppard
  • Morrow & Sheppard is a team of two personal injury lawyers in Texas.

Morrow Sheppard site thumbnail

How Our Designers Can Help You

In the initial stages of creative brainstorming, a designer will work with you to create a layout that meets your marketing needs, whether it be to attract more high-net-worth clients, convert as many clients as possible, rank high in search results, or create a show stopping home page.

Small law firms have an important place on the web and are in a unique situation to really develop and grow their brand. Often starting from scratch provides more creative flexibility than working with a brand that is decades old. Our designers love creative flexibility.

To learn more about how PaperStreet can help your small law firm website contact us online, or by calling (954) 523-2181.

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