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SEO Guidelines
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Attorney SEO Guidelines That Work,
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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Guidelines by PaperStreet

PaperStreet offers an assortment of educational tutorials to help you learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so you can stay informed and up-to-date on the latest industry trends. This page features some of our top informational videos for you to learn more about SEO and how PaperStreet handles different aspects of your internet marketing campaign.

SEO is more than just algorithms and factors. No one SEO factor will help propel your site to the first page of Google. Successful SEO campaigns require careful research, planning and optimization both within and outside your website to help ensure long-term results.

Attorney SEO Drives Results

FACT: You can build a beautiful website for your law firm, but without implementing attorney SEO practices, no one will visit it.

Search engines display results based on algorithms which rank websites based on the content that is relevant to the most users. SEO is based on non-paid advertising, and when done correctly, it can help drive people to your site based on “organic” searches.

SEO Tips and Tricks

We Are SEO Experts

Over-Optimize? #Fail

SEO Hack for YouTube

What is Link Building?

Partnerships are Important

Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization & Other Technical Details

To optimize a site correctly, PaperStreet’s SEO team will conduct a thorough review, identifying targeted keywords. While keywords may seem simple, they’re anything but so! Selecting keywords for your website encompasses a variety of factors, including search volume, relevance and your competition. Additionally, our team will delve into top search queries to make sure that you target any potential opportunities for SEO searches based on your targeted geographic location.

Once we have the list of targeted keywords for your site, we will work to provide on-page optimization, which includes implementing these keywords into your site’s content, including in title tags, meta descriptions and the body of each page.

On-page optimization is not a one-step process. We constantly monitor various technical aspects of your site, such as site speed, the health of your links, and your traffic to ensure that your site continues to perform as expected.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

What is Technical SEO?

Keyword Research?

Link Building to Increase Page Authority

Link building is when other websites link back to your site. Link building plays a significant factor in how Google ranks websites. If high-quality sites link back to your site, Google views your site as an authoritative reference that is trustworthy, rating it even higher in search results.

How to Optimize Headlines

Why Website Speed Matters

Backlinks & Citations

Multimedia Presentation of Your Content

Effective  attorney SEO requires content, but not just any content. The content must be meaningful to your potential clients in that it is easy to understand and demonstrates your legal expertise. How you present that content is up to you. Web pages, blog posts, infographics, social media posts and videos are all means of promoting your law firm’s brand that PaperStreet can assist with. Below are some videos offering some pointers for how to best present your content.

Publications and Sponsorships

Why is Video Marketing

Web and Video SEO

Practice Area Content

SEO Optimization Guidelines

Powerful Tips and Uses for your SEO Campaign

Years of Attorney SEO Experience

PaperStreet has been working with attorneys since 2002 to achieve successful SEO driven results. As leading law firm experts, our Internet Marketing team stays at the forefront of SEO trends, helping produce high-quality websites that provide value to your clients.

Dozens of Lawyer SEO Campaigns

PaperStreet manages SEO campaigns for a wide variety of law firms, including those with individual practices and firms with hundreds of attorneys. We specialize in both popular practice areas, such as personal industry, to more niche areas, such as vaccine law. If your firm needs a practice area to rank high, contact the experts at PaperStreet for additional information.

90%+ Retention Rate

Once PaperStreet does an initial SEO term for projects, we renew our contracts on a month-to-month basis, which means that if clients aren’t satisfied with the results, they are under no obligation to continue their SEO contract. That’s why PaperStreet’s hardworking team focuses on delivering results month-after-month. Our impressive 90% retention rate for SEO contacts speaks volumes about how satisfied our customers are with our work.

First Place Rankings

Our collective SEO efforts give us the ability to brag about our HUNDREDS of FIRST PLACE rankings for our clients. This achievement means that we help our clients reach the NUMBER ONE spot for specific keyword phrases. While this is not always possible, this is our ultimate goal.

Contact PaperStreet’s Internet Marketing Team

If your website is ranking low, and you want to achieve more SEO marketing success, contact our team today for more information.

SEO Resources and Articles

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