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Search Engine Optimization

About Link Building Services for Law Firms 

A large percentage of SEO involves building links to your website. The amount of links pointing to your website is important, but the quality of these links is equally imperative. For example, receiving a link from a site with a high domain authority, vast audience base and relevant to your industry is much more valuable than a randomly placed link in a spammy blog on an unrelated topic. A healthy backlink profile is crucial to preventing Google penalties, beating your competition and contributing to the overall success of your Internet Marketing efforts.

Part of all of our SEO Campaigns at PaperStreet is to build quality links to your website. Depending on your industry, goals, and package this can include:

  • Local Listings
  • Industry Specific Directories
  • Social Media & Video Integration
  • General Business Profiles
  • Article Publication & Guest Blogging
  • Company Mentions
  • Manual Outreach
  • App, ebook and infographic Directories
  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorships
  • Press Releases
  • & More

How Link Building Helps SEO 

Increase Domain Authority

  • Domain Authority is a measure of how powerful your website domain is. The amount and quality of the websites pointing to yours is one factor that influences this score.

Gain Traffic

  • The more websites that link to you the better chance you have of getting your website seen. The trustworthiness, location of the link, target audience, and various other factors all come into play that affect the amount of traffic you may receive from any given backlink.

Establish Credibility and Relevancy to Search Engines

  • Google needs to determine which sites are more reputable and relevant to a specific search query in order to produce results. One way they do this is by reviewing those linking to you. Think of it like an employer performing a background check.

Boost Website Rankings

  • A combined effort of high domain authority, website traffic, and quality backlinks (among other things) all help increase overall website rankings.

Top 49 Legal Citations to Get for your Law Firm Started

Want your firm to rank higher? You need to write content that is interesting and relevant. But you also need to get other sites to list your site and link to you. Here is a starting point. Give us a call for more info.

PS Top 49 Legal Citations to Get for your Law Firm Started Infographic

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Get the Top 49 Legal Citations

Scholarship Setup Services -- An Important Aspect of Link Building and Attorney Marketing

Participating in a scholarship can not only impact the community, but provides valuable benefits to your attorney marketing campaign. Just like sponsoring a local organization or speaking at an event, a scholarship is another avenue that impacts brand awareness and can complement an SEO campaign.

PaperStreet helps your company get started with a scholarship:

  • Creating a one-page article outlining the details of the scholarship
  • Adding the scholarship to your website
  • Contacting scholarship submission sites and universities to link to your scholarship
  • Setting up a designated e-mail address for your firm to receive submissions

We take care of the set-up and publication of the scholarship. Your firm handles the submission review, choosing a winner, and providing funds.

Key Benefits to a Scholarship 

  • Help Your Local Community
    • Provide help to students who need financial assistance to pursue their career. Make a difference in the community and your industry.
  • Build Authoritative Backlinks
    • Have your scholarship featured on university websites and receive multiple high quality .edu backlinks
  • Receive Company Mentions
    • Create the opportunity for local news publications to share your scholarship.
  • Increase Online Presence
    • The combined benefits of a scholarship increase your overall online presence. It opens up the opportunity to share on social media, create a press release and engage in conversations with the local community.

Contact us today to find out more about our SEO Packages and how we can build backlinks to your website.