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For over twenty years LB3 has been the counsel to enterprise customers - including nearly half of the Fortune 100 - in communications and information technology matters. We help large users manage risk and maximize savings when procuring network and IT products, services and business process solutions; serve as trusted advisors to enterprises deciding whether and on what terms to enter into managed services and outsourcing arrangements; represent customers working out (or litigating) disputes with their service providers; and represent enterprises before the Federal Communications Commission on matters of joint and individual concern. Our twelve lawyers have over 250 years of collective experience negotiating, litigating, and dealing with regulatory issues relating to communications and information technology agreements.


May 13, 2019

Practice Area(s)

Telecom Transactions Information Technology Advisory Services Mobile Services Communications Regulatory Advice Contract Compliance and Surcharge Recovery Disputes and Workouts IPv4 Address Trades, Registrations and Transfers Enterprise User Compliance

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