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Kristin's extensive experience in creating and delivering workshops and seminars for businesses, universities, government agencies, healthcare organizations and public utilities provides an excellent foundation for helping her clients to tap into and manifest their unique personal and professional visions. Kristin has lead seminars for groups ranging from 8 to 500 nationally, for various organizations, including Lockheed Martin, Prudential Financial, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Children’s Trust, Novartis, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Simplex Grinnel (Tyco), DPA Piper, Underwood Memorial Hospital, and The Children’s Services Council. She has often been invited to keynote large conferences as well as conduct executive leadership retreats. Her work on teaching effective communication skills was featured in a leading New Jersey newspaper detailing the importance of direct and honest communication in business.


Miramar, Florida


May 17, 2010

Practice Area(s)

Speaker, Author, Consultant

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