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Our firm was founded in 1968 by entrepreneurially-minded attorneys with a common vision: to form a law firm dedicated to providing exceptional hands-on, responsive, and solutions-oriented legal services. While our practice has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of our diverse clients, both big and small, our tradition of excellence, success, and dedicated personal attention has remained as strong as ever. Jaffe represents the best of all worlds: the vast knowledge, experience, and resources of a large law firm with the personalized standard of care of a small one.


December 2, 2019

Practice Area(s)

Appellate, Aviation & Aerospace, Electronic Payments Law, Emerging & Growth Business, Employment & Labor, Environmental Law, Estate & Wealth Planning, Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits, Family Law, Finance, First Amendment & Media Law, Franchising, Immigration, Impact Investing & Social Enterprise, Insolvency & Reorganization, Insurance, Intellectual Property & Information Technology, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Mergers & Acquisitions, Privacy & Data Security, Real Estate, Construction & Development, Property Tax Appeals, Securities & Corporate Governance, Securities Litigation & Enforcement, Defense, Tax, White Collar Criminal Defense

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