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BMK is one of Southern California’s top trial boutique firms. We have litigated more than 100 complex trials and dozens of appeals in multiple jurisdictions throughout the United States. Our attorneys include the former Chief of the Orange County office of the United States attorney, the former Chief of the Los Angeles Trial Unit for the Federal Public Defender’s Office, former federal prosecutors and federal public defenders, a former United States Trustee, a former Deputy District Attorney, several former federal law clerks, and attorneys who previously practiced at large, international law firms. BMK attorneys have been recognized as among the best in our practice areas by U.S. News and World Report, Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers. logo



June 6, 2023

Practice Area(s)

White Collar Criminal Defense, Complex Civil Litigation, Last Minute Trials, Internal Investigations, Appeals, Whistleblower Claims, Bankruptcy and Restructuring

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